Delivery Service


Ordering Method

We will arrange your order by phone. (Delivery Only)
TEL 080-4228-5070

Order Times

Everyday: 11am – 8:30pm



We deliver light meals to meetings, client dinners, home parties, parks, all kinds of event venues and more.
Please feel free to ask about delivery times and locations outside of those listed.

Lunch time is sometimes busy, so please make your order beforehand.
We can also take orders on days prior to the day of the order. If you are placing a large order, please let us know as soon as possible.

This restaurant’s burgers and side dishes are all handmade.
They’re freshly made, so it’s best to eat them soon after delivery.

We’re waiting for your orders!

Payment and Delivery Fee

Delivery may only be paid for in cash (no credit cards).

Delivery orders must be over ¥2000 (¥2160 with tax).
Please understand that there is an additional ¥300 (¥324 with tax) delivery fee.

Delivery Zone